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Darlun Design Studio | Bathrooms

Darlun Design Studio

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Let Darlun Design Studio help you create your own little oasis of calm. Our timeless, elegant bathroom designs will give you the perfect place to relax after a long day

Whether you are getting ready for a busy morning, or relaxing after a tiring day, create a tranquil space to unwind in the most personal room of the house

Darlun's sleek, modern bathrooms offer a timeless, elegant appeal, at a price to match all budgets

Our experts are ready to guide you through the process of creating your own little oasis of calm

Basins - We offer a wide range of modern and traditional basins

Toilets and bidets - Our toilets and bidets are made from the finest, durable materials

Baths - Explore the heights of blissful relaxation with our enchanting range of luxurious baths

Showers - Modern shower designs you won't want to step out of. As one of our suppliers says "Just add water"

Furniture - We have a comprehensive range of innovative products to create clever storage solutions to maximize space

Floor tiles - Why not pair underfloor heating with our premium quality floor tiles to keep your feet toasty when stepping out of the bath or shower

Wall tiles - We import large scale premium tiles from Italy, available in a wide range of creative finishes

Brands you can trust - All our products come from leadings brands within the bathroom industry, known for their consistent high quality standards and innovative designs, all made from the finest modern materials

Whatever your needs, the Darlun team is ready to guide you through the design process. Call us on 01766 549 492, or use our Contact form to start your enquiry, or come visit us in person at our brand new Showroom



Let the pressures of the day melt away in your perfectly designed Darlun bathroom

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Whatever the size of your bathroom, we can help you create a bright, stylish, relaxing environment



Our professional fitting partners ensure a quality finish, every time

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